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Countdown to the Amateur Olympia United Kingdom Championships. A Pro Qualifing Event. 21 IFBB Pro League Pro Cards will be awarded!

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Unlike anything European Bodybuilding Industry has ever seen.

This Bodybuilding and Fitness event promotion company is dedicated to bring the highest quality in pro-qualifying amateur and IFBB professional shows to the United Kingdom, along with Europe and Ireland. We are revolutionizing the bodybuilding and fitness industry with events that put the athletes first!

Ready to Compete in a 2 Bros Pro Event .

Join us and become a part of a revolutionary new amateur bodybuilding and fitness show! We welcome ALL Amateurs from ANY Organization!
A first of its kind

Upcoming Event Schedule .

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March 10-11, 2018

Royal London Pro

Amateur Pro-Qualifying Event

Division winners will receive an IFBB Pro Card.

IFBB Pro Show

Women’s Physique and Classic Physique Professional Divisions. Olympia Qualifications to winners. (Must have an active IFBB Pro League Card to compete)

Venue and Schedule

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Village, Stratford London

Saturday, Amateur Competition – Sunday, Pro Show

23rd June, 2018

UK Pro Championships

Amateur Pro-Qualifying Event

Divison winners will receive an IFBB Pro card.

IFBB Pro Show

Bikini and Men’s Physique Professional Divisions. Olympia Qualification Points to winners. (Must be an active IFBB Pro League card holding athlete)

Venue and Show Info

Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6AQ

Prejudging and Finals; All Day Event

18th August

British Pro

Amateur Competition

All Divisions and Classes available

IFBB Pro League

Olympia Qualifications to winners.

Athlete Seminars

Athlete Seminars and meet-n-greets will be available as well.

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Look Your Best On Stage

Show Extras .

2 Bros Pro Events is happy to provide show preparation needs for a discounted fee.


Stage Quality Color
£ 65
  • Competition Color
  • Professionally Applied
  • Touch Ups Included
  • Stage Ready


Create Memories
£ 65
  • Competition Images
  • Class Images
  • Copyright Privileges
  • Packages Available

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